TAST 2012: Week Six Chevron Stitch with Bamboo and Sea Grass

TAST 2012 Sampler stitched by Julie Castle as of Feb 12

My TAST Sampler to date

It’s been a very busy week, but I managed to stitch a few Chevrons…and more!  We are preparing to move to our next camping location.  Doing so is kind of like tying off loose ends, weaving in bits, and getting a finished piece ready for framing.  Yup—nitpicking chores!  But there was some fun, too!  I have a new grandniece named Peyton Marie born to the little boy I helped deliver too many years ago (who I’m proud to say is now a not so little member of the U. S. Navy)!  I started Sharon Boggon’s Online Class Studio Journal as a Designers Work Horse.  I went to New Orleans to visit the Garden District Needlework Shop where I spent too much money but had so much fun!  (I’ll be doing a full write-up about this incredible shop once we get relocated.)  I used some new to me threads in stitching the TAST Week 6 Challenge:  the Chevron Stitch.

The Thread Gatherer Sea Grass Cotton in Turkey Red

Sea Grass by The Thread Gatherer

I have seen Sea Grass by The Thread Gatherer in catalogues, but not in a shop.  The Garden District Needlework Shop had a supply, so I picked up a packet to try it out.  It was very nice to work with.  In some situations I could see using a laying tool, but in this case I simply used my needle to smooth the flat thread out.  The texture reminded me of the shredded paper type of grass  for Easter Baskets (as opposed to the plasticky stuff.)  The colors are nice, too!  I can definitely see a stash of Sea Grass in my future.

Layered Chevron done in Sea Grass Cotton and Pink Ribbon

Foundation Chevron in Pink Ribbon, Top in Turkey Red Sea Grass

Another thread new to me was Rainbow Gallery’s Bamboo thread that is sold under the moniker, “Mandarin Floss.”  Just looking through the bobbins on the stand, this color popped out at me.  While I had no idea what I would do with it, I knew it would fit somewhere in my color world.  I was right.

Rainbow Gallery Bamboo thread

Mandarin Floss in M294 a Bamboo thread by Rainbow Gallery

Using the Sea Grass over the pink ribbon Chevrons and not being sure what the next stitch would be, nor what colors would be most fitting, the variegated bamboo thread provides a really nice bridge to just about anything! Wanting to use previous stitches to offset the Chevrons, I used the Mandarin in Fly Stitch to underline the Chevrons.

I haven’t even mentioned the beginning of the Chevron sample.  The pink ribbon chevrons were tied with layered Herringbone in a Caron’s over dyed cotton.  Not really sure which one—it was pretty and went well with the pink!  That set of Chevrons was framed with Buttonhole Stitch

TAST Week 6 Chevron Stitch Sample

TAST Week 6 Chevron Stitch Sample

Tell me!  What would you do differently?  Be tough.  I can take it!  Should I do something other than bands?

Pinterest: Shining Some Light on Possibly Shady Practice

I was planning on doing another post regarding Pinterest given what I have found out in the past few days.  But this comment from Kim Salazar of String Or Nothing has moved me to action.  She says:  “I have a love hate relationship with aggregators of all types, including Pinterest. I am not happy when pattern scraping Pinterest collectors repost the graphs I offer up on my site, for exactly the reasons you mention. It’s just a visual rehash of the same parasitic problem that About.com posed – reuse of the target’s intellectual property without recompense or permission. Thanks for surfacing the problem again.”

When I have pinned things on my Boards I have given serious thought to creative property rights.  But Time Thief (my favorite Blogging Tipster) pointed out in a recent post that there is another issue with Pinterest.  Have you ever wondered how such sites make money?  It has been the topic of discussion for savvy bloggers.  The shady practices of Pinterest have even got the New York Times talking.

I am removing my Pinterest links from my blogs.  And as soon as I book mark the sites on my Boards, I’ll be terminating my relationship with Pinterest.  I don’t do business with companies lacking in integrity.

Herringbone Stitch—Four Way in Week Five of TAST 2012

You would think that since I’m pulling this sample from a previously worked canvas, the post would have been done immediately!  Procrastination is thy (middle) name!  The Take a Stitch Tuesday 2012 fifth week challenge was the Herringbone Stitch.  This is another stitch I like.  I find it interesting that a number of others taking this challenge report not liking this stitch, nor any of the others we’ve been working on.  This is not surprising, the first five challenge stitches are related.  Like one, like ’em all; and vice versa.

Herringbone is versatile in that it’s easily used on fabric as well as canvas.   My sample is done on canvas.  Take a look at the header.  Can you find it?  It looks like this: 

Honey I Shrunk the Heart Block 1

Honey I Shrunk the Heart Block 1


It’s the fourth block on the bottom row of the header.  Of course, if you thought it should have been the first block on the first row, that would be correct, too.  The close-up of that one looks like this:

Honey I Shrunk the Heart Block 20

Honey I Shrunk the Heart Block 20

This is called Four Way Herringbone because it is worked in four journeys.  I’ve used four shades of DMC Pearl Cotton and Krienik Braid provides the shine. You can find the directions for this presentation of Herringbone in the plans for Pat Timpanero’s Honey, I Shrunk the Heart.  This was the American Needlepoint Guild’s Stitch of the Month for December of 2000.

The overall design has three squares done with the Four Way Herringbone.  See if you can find them in this picture.  I’ll give you a hint—one is vertical and two are horizontal.  I’ve already shown you two of them!  Look closely!

Design by Pat Timpanaro, Stitched by Julie Castle

Honey I Shrunk the Heart stitched by Julie Castle

 The third square looks like this:

Honey I Shrunk the Heart Block 14

Honey I Shrunk the Heart Block 14

Give it a try!  And let me know what you think!