Hitting the road again…

I may be off the grid for a couple weeks.  On the 17th we hook up and hit the road North.  I’ll keep on stitching though.  And I hope you do, too.

Would love to hear what you’ve been up to while we’ve been dodging tornados and trucks!  Keep me posted by leaving a comment!  You can always post a private note by using the comment form in the TSS Mission section, too.

5 thoughts on “Hitting the road again…

  1. Decided to check out what you’ve been doing with TAST… I love the zipper application! Can’t wait to see the whole quilt! You mentioned Natchez Trace on my blog…we’ve ran it several times (4 times the entire length plus several shorter lengths)…love it! Where are you from? RVing full time?

      • We’ve been full timers since June 2007, and traveled off and on a couple decades prior. The Trace is one of our favorite routes. We’re going to try to run the Blue Ridge Parkway this summer for the first time.
        We winter in Yuma, AZ. Where do you winter?
        My travel blog is at:

      • We’ve tried Bay St. Louis MS and Robertsdale AL. Going back to Robertsdale this winter. I used to live in Staunton VA. The Blue Ridge is wonderful, but the curves can be tricky, especially when it’s foggy.

  2. We don’t intend to take the 5th wheel on the parkway…just park nearby and explore up and down, then move a little farther and do it again. Will head that way middle of July. I work in our park during the winter…don’t have to be there till October 1.

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