Will everyone who complimented me on the Autumn sampler stitching Please Take Note:

I did not stitch this!  Now go to Janet Granger’s blog and compliment her.  I REBLOGGED her post because of the method she uses to keep track of the time she spends on projects.  I made a PDF of her method and filed it here under References so you can use it, too.

Now, I’m going to go finish my own posts.

3 thoughts on “NOTICE

  1. Thanks for the comment on an older blog post … the one with my wrapped, wooden spools. I’ve enjoyed scanning through your blog and must say that I never did make it through the TAST two or three years ago either. I got behind and I lost interest in the work needed to catch up but the project was/is wonderful! Thanks again!

    • Sorry for the delayed reply…computer access sketchy to non-existent in the past couple weeks while traveling. Sharon is going to announce her plans regarding another TAST for the next year. May be some changes. May be something that fits for those who have too much creative juice and too little time? We’ll see!

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