Oh the shame…

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Under A Topaz Sky

I like to have a¬†good spring clean every so often and yesterday I got round to my thread repository. My stored threads live in a very grand Harrods hamper, a woven 16‚Ä≥ cube with a faux leather top¬†embossed with the Harrods peacock logo. It was a Christmas present several years ago ‚Äď the contents were nice enough but the box itself is gorgeous!
My Harrods Thread Hamper

I have a massive weakness for threads, especially anything richly coloured or unusual and I know that there were a fair few threads in that box which I’d bought on impulse and was never going to use, so I intended to have a nice sort through and end up with a few bits I could list on eBay.

The top layer was fine. Out went a few oddments left over from a canvaswork project that I knew I’d never use again.

Thread breakdowns 1

Under that, threads I knew I had…

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Over the Hump vs. Into the Slump

Everyone knows Wednesdays are Over-the Hump Day. ¬†We have made it to the half-way point. ¬†It’s mostly downhill for the work week from Wednesday on. ¬†Mondays aren’t so bad because you’ve just had a couple days off to refresh your mind and body.

By the time Tuesdays come you’ve lost that burst of energy. ¬†And if your work involves any kind of bureaucracy, Tuesdays are often meeting days. ¬†They really suck the life right out of you. ¬†Mindless posturing of bureaucrats wasting the time you really need to be doing your actual work that you will now have to squeeze into shortened breaks and later departure for the rest of the week until you can crash again in preparation for the next week of meaningless¬† gainful employment. ¬†But Wednesdays are a day of hope. ¬†Only two more to go!

Januaries are the Mondays of the year. ¬†We get so energized with the lights and love and hope that comes from that last week of celebrations in December that in January all things seem possible. ¬†And we make plans to improve our lives and our selves. ¬†And we mean it. ¬†The things we plan are things we’ve been thinking about, the things we know will make us more of who we truly are.

And we do pretty well with these plans, these things we have resolved to accomplish.  But Mondays end.  Then comes along comes life-sucking Tuesday.

I’m in the Tuesday of the year. ¬†I actually think there are two Tuesdays in the year. ¬†August is the next one! ¬†I’m not following my stitching schedule regularly. ¬†I’m not logging my food. ¬†I’m not eating right. ¬†I’m not walking. ¬†I’ve frogged more than I’ve stitched and I can see the totally useless nature of¬†TUSAL!

I’m not whining. ¬†Just speaking the truth. ¬†But the joy of truth is that it is not constant.

I can get back on schedule. ¬†(Or I can accept that the schedule is meant to make life easier, not lock me into deadly time-trap.) ¬† I can start logging my food. ¬† (Even if I have to start a new account because I can’t remember my password.) ¬†I can be mindful of my eating in any minute. ¬†(Without becoming the Food Gestapo.) ¬†I can always go out and walk around the trailer and that will be more than I’m doing now. ¬†(And the next day do it twice, then thrice, etc.) ¬†As far as frogging goes‚ÄĒc’est la vie! ¬†(My TUSAL jar really is pretty and the more orts, the more impermanence prayer flags I’ll make!)

While things look bleary it’s not the end of the world, but I do have to mention WIPocalypse as this is the Show and Tell portion of this meeting. ¬†I have had one Finish. ¬†So, that’s something, even though it wasn’t a UFO!

A few more orts for the jar.

I’ve done more frogging than stitching. And more to come.

Side by side monthly comparison of Ort Jar for TUSAL

Feb is on the left and March is on the right.

Needlebook cover, pattern Ink Circles stitched in Caron Waterlilies Cranberry

Needlebook cover, pattern Ink Circles stitched in Caron Waterlilies Cranberry

Detached Buttonhole Stitch closure

I used a detached buttonhole stitch to create the closure to match the vintage button.

Needle sheath in its own place on the front inside cover.

Jeff made this leather scissor sheath as a value add for me. He’s so sweet!

Personal touches added to the needlebook.

Added a little pocket in the back for packets of needles or whatever else the end user might like. And a special place for a threader!

Center top of Cirque de Coeurs by Ink Circles

No more frogging!

Cirque de Coeurs by Ink Circles using Caron Black Cherry

Another view, tried to edit to get more realistic color, closer.

Cirque de Coeurs variations evident but not the richness of the Caron Black Cherry color

Unedited Cirque de Coeurs, wish you could see the real color.

Into the second page of Bygone Stitches' Quaker Virtues

Slowly making progress. I love every minute stitching on this.

Close up of Quaker Virtues

I love the colors in this piece. I done good with Shanghai Nights and Turkish Red!