Oh the shame…

If you are a “fiber artist” or want to be, check out the items from this destash sale! Just don’t outbid me! 😀

Under A Topaz Sky

I like to have a good spring clean every so often and yesterday I got round to my thread repository. My stored threads live in a very grand Harrods hamper, a woven 16″ cube with a faux leather top embossed with the Harrods peacock logo. It was a Christmas present several years ago – the contents were nice enough but the box itself is gorgeous!
My Harrods Thread Hamper

I have a massive weakness for threads, especially anything richly coloured or unusual and I know that there were a fair few threads in that box which I’d bought on impulse and was never going to use, so I intended to have a nice sort through and end up with a few bits I could list on eBay.

The top layer was fine. Out went a few oddments left over from a canvaswork project that I knew I’d never use again.

Thread breakdowns 1

Under that, threads I knew I had…

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