TSS Mission

Hi!  My name is Julie.  I like to stitch.  I like to write.  I like a challenge.  Hence this blog.  I get to write about stitching and learning to “love the blog” is a challenge! 

But the real point of this blog is to comment on my travels around the country in a travel trailer–one local needlework shop (LNS) at a time.  As I visit a shop, I ask the owner or staff present to identify their favorite thread, their favorite color of that thread, and the stitch they would most like to see that thread wearing.  Then I buy the thread in the color and catalogue the info to be used in a sampler as yet to be designed.   

I invite YOU to travel with me.  And I challenge you to create a sampler using the information I mine in my travels.  Hey!  If you have an LNS, why don’t you ask the owner for the same info.  Post it here with a link to the store and this project will become a National Treasure! 

Along the way, I will also share info on resources, images to challenge you to come up with stitching ideas, and more! 

Note:  If you are like me and have difficulty reading some fonts or pages online.  Try increasing the magnification of the screen.  I keep mine set at 125% all the time.  These poor stitching eyes need a break.  Maybe yours do, too?

If you would like your comments to be private, please feel free to use the contact form provided!

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