Photography Tips

If you are like me, you would like to take pictures of your stitched work that best shows it off.  On this page I’m listing links to articles that you might find useful.  While some may be from bead and other types of artists, the tips are all relevant and readily translates to photographing your stitching!  A basic tip I’ve learned is to take your photos in natural light, on a surface that complements your work.  Use what you’ve learned about design from your stitching classes to set your piece up.  Take lots of shots from lots of angles and choose the best one to work with in your photo editing software.

07.27.2012  A tip I just learned.  Find out if your camera has a “macro” setting and learn how to use it.  If it doesn’t, find out if you can attach a lens that will do the same thing.  On my camera (Nikon digital) the macro symbol is a flower.

Updated:  February 22, 2013

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