Proverbs from Divers Proverbs

FOMO image

Title Page from the book found at From Old

I found this charming book at the “From Old Books Organization.”  There are wonderful images of woodcuts, alphabets, images, and in this case information at this free site.  Spend a couple hours browsing this wonderful resource that many designers would find inspiring!

And here are some of the proverbs that I could see stitched into a sampler.  Maybe you will find others that you like better?  If you do leave a comment and I’ll add to the list for others to enjoy and consider.

He that would live at Peace and Rest,
Must see and hear and say the Best.

When the sky falls we shall catch Larks.

Well begun is half ended.

Many words will not fill a bucket.

Brag is a good Dog, but Holdfast is a better.

Updated:  5.18.2013

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