Expressions in Needleart: Canandaigua, NY

This past weekend, I “needed” to get some fibers for the ANG National nametag design I want to submit.  We happened to be visiting my partner’s kids–the first time we’ve seen all the grandkids together!  It was lots of fun to see the lifetime relationships begin to develop.  But I digress!

Biz Card and Lori's Choice

Click on pic for close up!

I’ve always wanted to check out Expressions in Needleart as members of the Rochester EGA Chapter frequently spoke of “going to Lori’s.”  It sounded like lots of fun as they would include going to lunch and visiting Suzanne’s shop, too.  (She is an EGA member and has a shop devoted to rug making.)  Canandaigua itself is a wonderful little community with fine dining and access to local vintners.  If you love Victorian type villages, you must try to visit here.  The buildings and main street make you feel like you’ve entered a different time and should be wearing billowy skirts and charming hats while looking for a trolley to take you back to the Spa.  I wished I had a sketch pad with me so I could draw some of the building adornments that would look lovely in a piece of blackwork.

It was exciting walking into the shop as the display in the windows got the drooling going.  But even before that, the white adirondack chair outside the door grabbed your eye.  It had a blue lake scene type painting on the lower part and was a prize in a community fundraising raffle.   While there, a couple came in specifically to get tickets for the chair.  They, surprisingly, needed to be reminded to put their on the tickets!  Maybe their minds were boggled by all the goodies to look at, too!

What especially caught my eye was the Kathy Rees pieces hanging on the wall.  It was great to see Galaxy up close and personal. I so enjoyed watching Jan Sprague complete hers in a personal color scheme.  Funny, but I thought the piece would be larger.  Maybe it’s the name.  Another favorite Kathy Rees piece that I got to oogle was “Oh, My Stars.”  That’s on my  “wish list,” too.  Lori had a wide variety of Needle Delight Patterns on hand.

Designed by Kathy Rees


Also designed by Kathy Rees

Oh, My Stars!

Lori also has all the threads you could possibly need to complete these and anything else you might have in your UFO pile.  On top of that there are cool tools to choose from, too.

If you’re like most, you have more than one craft love.  If your other love is knitting, you’re in luck because Lori has a nice supply of knitting supplies and yarn to choose from as well.  In fact, I am trying to learn Domino Knitting and must go back to Expressions in Needleart to pick out a nice heavy cotton to doodle up some Domino Potholders.

So, the bottom line?  Lori was no different than other shop keepers.  When asked her favorite thread and color, she wandered around a bit.  Then narrowed it down to silks, her favorite to work with.  It was a toss up, but Gloriana won her over–for today!  And the color?  One of my favorite fruits–Granny Smith Green.  That would be number 053 Gloriana.  And the stitch?  Well, lately Lori has been doing a lot of T Stitch.  That’s cool, I like T Stitch.  But that’s not going to be the stitch for 053 Gloriana.  This thread is going to be dressed in style in the lovely Nobuko Stitch.  I can hardly wait to stitch it.  But this  sampler is no where near ready to go.  Until it is, I think I’ll work up a sample for my Stitch Guide Notebook that I started with the Stitches For Effect Class I’m taking through Shining Needle Society.  (Although, I’m thinking I’d like to try Sharon B’s Stitch Worksheets model.)When I get back to Expressions in Needleart, I’ll try to get photos of the shop if okay with Lori and post them when I post my sample of Gloriana 053 in Nobuko Stitch–unless you send a pic of yours first!