The Last Thirteen for Fourteen

I know this is not about stitching. But it’s important. To me at least.  (Jeff would say it’s my abominable Liberalism coming out.  I prefer to think it’s compassion and common sense.)  And I  believe it would be important to many more people if they actually thought about what’s going on.  I hope you will agree.  Actively.

When I was a young woman during the Mayflower Madam scandal, I read “The Happy Hooker” by Xaviera Hollander.  I really enjoyed the book and thought, “Gee, that’s not such a bad profession.  Sure would be easier than nursing. You do the more fun wifely “duties” and none of the stinky socks and dirty underwear, have more control over your life, decide who does what to your body, and it is possible to make decent money if you do it right.”  I know—the stupidity of youth.  That was only one side of the picture.  Anyone who has seen news stories and documentaries about the sex workers in India know how much worse it can be.  We all decry the treatment of those women.  Even self-righteous politicos would agree those women have a horrible life.  Trump would probably hire them all into his clothing sweatshops factories.

But what about the women, men, girls, boys, maybe even your next door neighbor—straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, etc.—in sex trade occupations right here in the USA?   Prison inmates are treated better and do NOTHING for our society.  I believe sex trade workers offer a valuable service and should receive a fair, taxable wage, just like any other American.  They should be able to organize to get good health insurance.  More importantly, they should be treated better and be represented by the judicial and political system.  This group of people are Americans just like you and me.  The “moral-majority” should be a little less moral and a lot more compassionate.  In my book morality includes caring for others and having an obligation to help stop suffering wherever you see it.  Even if the sufferer has the dirty fingers and clothes of an auto mechanic, or has AIDS, is a bad driver, or a spoiled rotten kid suffering from “affluenza.”  (But not pedophiles–sorry, I just can’t…)

I am re-blogging this article because it’s something all people–especially women–should think about objectively–not religiously (but if you do, remember the “Beloved Disciple” was a whore and Jesus loved her!), not politically, not socially. None of these biases–just as a human being not wanting to harm others. Marginalizing sex workers and criminalizing prostitution DOES DO HARM. For one  thing, human trafficking in the Gulf Coast and other areas is a major problem and it not uncommon for young people to disappear without a trace.  (I-10 is a major trafficking thoroughfare from the Atlantic coast in Florida across the US to the Pacific Ocean in California and is a result of dealers providing the demand for illicit “product.”)  If you have ever been a victim of sexual abuse or spousal abuse (male or female) you also know of the harm I’m talking about because the system/people treat you the same way  they treat so-called “sex criminals.”  Like you’re scum who had it coming or asked for it.  (This I know from personal experience.)

So read this article.  And remember one day you or a loved one (maybe your son or daughter) might have to turn a trick to make the rent.  (I can hear it now, “Never,” “Not me,” “I’ll just help John-boy with his meth addiction—until I just can’t  stand it anymore.”)

P.S.  If you don’t like what your read here, that’s okay.  But this is my blog.  And I don’t tolerate bigotry on any level even though I’m bigoted against crackpot fundamentalists of any ilk.  Disparaging remarks will not be approved.  I know.  How undemocratic.  Go ahead and link to this and rant about how horrid I am in your own blog or Facebook or something if you need to!

If you agree maybe you could reblog and suggest people think about things.  Or talk to a few people about this injustice in our communities.  When we’re open and talking reasonably and honestly the world can be better.  (Yes—I’m still naive and overuse the em-dash!)

The Honest Courtesan

Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.-Thomas Paine

Every Friday the 13th I ask my readers, especially those who are not themselves sex workers, to speak out for decriminalization of prostitution.  This is the third such occasion this year, but it’s also the last one for 14 months (until September 2013), so I want to make it a good one.

Though roughly 10% of modern women have taken money for sex at least once, the great majority of such cases are informal and the payer an acquaintance; only about 1% of women actually work as hookers at some point in their lives, and less than a third of that (just under 0.3%) are thus employed at any given time.  That’s a pitifully small minority, smaller even than the fraction…

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