ISO Info on working with Silk Gauze

A reader, Susie, is looking for info on working with silk gauze.  I am still looking for the specific article in my stash of the American Needlepoint Guild’s Needle Pointer for a specific article I remember seeing.  I have also found this little blurb from Shakespeare’s Peddler.  And I found a tutorial by Janet Granger on mounting silk gauze for miniature needlepoint.  And Mary Corbet can always be counted upon to have tips and tutorials, even for working with silk gauze!  You’ll find Mary’s tutorial on transferring patterns to silk gauze here.  She has several other posts about the topic as well.  Even has info on working with silk gauze.

If anyone else has any tips that might help Susie, comment away!  Susie, it would be helpful if you describe the problem you’re having to help direct comments.  Unless you found some help over at Stitchin’ Fingers.


By the way, I’ve added some sayings to the “Sampler Sayings” page.